Toronto Acting Classes

Toronto Acting School offers classes in Acting, Improv, Voice and Movement, Auditioning and Career Development. We also offer Bootcamps, Casting Workshops, Selftapes and Demo Reels for Adult and Teen Actors. Call 647-782-4888.


Brad Milne's Ongoing Acting Intensive is for Beginner through Professional level actors. The training is focused on interpreting story, then finding your most compellingly truthful way to connect with the role you play in it. It's the actors responsibility to be abundantly specific in preparation and simple in execution".

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Improv Classes given by The Second City National Touring Company performer and sought after improv instructor, PHATT al. His Improv for Actors class acquaints trained actors with long form improv. Improv Foundations will immerse beginners in the “Yes And…” concepts of traditional improv.

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Voice & Movement

Amber Mackereth's program readies actors for the demands of bringing total voice and body to the work. Level 1 is for the new actor and those that have taken a few classes and seek to add this training. Level 2 is for the more advanced actor that has done this work.

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Dan Fox's Acting for Auditions class for actors is the perfect way for novice, early stage and intermediate level actors to build professional, competent and competitive auditioning skills. Advanced actors will find his Level 2 class challenging.

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Teen Program

Cassidy Civiero's eight week film and TV acting intensive is the perfect course for newcomer and early stage teen actors ages 13 to 16. Learn practical techniques for acting on camera, work with material from popular television shows, receive your own demo reel of class footage and get to perform in our industry showcase!

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Career Development

A sound career development and consultation program is essential to growing your acting career. This course is for ctors that want extraordinary results from their craft, auditions and roles while embracing the career with a set of real goals that'll get you where you want to be in 90-days, 6-months and a year from now.

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