Cassidy Civiero’s eight week film and TV acting intensive is the perfect course for newcomer and early stage teen actors ages 13 to 16. Learn practical techniques for acting on camera, work with material from popular television shows, receive your own demo reel of class footage and get to perform in our industry showcase!

Cassidy Civiero is a filmmaker and actor with The Characters Talent Agency. Recent credits include 12 Monkeys (SyFy), The March Family Letters (Pemberley Digital) and her directorial debut I’m in Love With All My Friends (Girls Energize Girls Prod). Cassidy has been working with young artists for several years, most recently as a visiting director for the drama program at St.Andrew’s College in Aurora and workshop coordinator for a Nova Scotia tour with Single Thread Theatre Co. Cassidy has been a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto for several years and knows how rewarding it can be to work with adolescents.


EIGHT SUNDAYS: February 18 through April 22 (two weekends off for March break after the first four weeks)
10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Beginner & Intermediate

Maximum ten students per class. ENROLL ANYTIME. Ages 13-16


This eight week course teaches practical techniques for acting on camera and provides useful information for navigating the film and television industry in Toronto. Some included concepts are breaking down and memorizing a script, showing emotional range and taking direction.

Students will be cast in age appropriate roles opposite each other and have the chance to perform on camera weekly. They will work with material from popular television shows such as 13 Reasons Why, Scream, Shadowhunters and more, all in their original screenplay formats.

Every participant will receive their own demo reel of class footage that they can use when submitting to prospective agents. The course culminates in an industry showcase, where students footage will be viewed by industry professionals and parents.


Additional Information:
– Workshop includes: demo reel, industry showcase and access to Milne Studio’s online resources.
– Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the instructor to discuss the course prior to enrolment.
– Required Materials: A binder with blank paper for taking notes, highlighter, pencil, black marker. Water bottle and snack encouraged.

– Students will be guided through the application of Brad Milne’s interpretive technique, PERGE to help them create rich characters.
Perge is published in the Milne Studio Actor Guide, an online tool that walks the actor through a series of steps to form a greater understanding of story, purpose and character.

COST: 8-Week Course $495.00 (incl HST) / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Pay using Interac eTransfer to or by check, money order or cash.

Detailed Course Description

Each student will be given the same script and an introductory booklet. Using elements of PERGE, they will be shown how to effectively break down a script in order to uncover information about their character and make intentional choices. Students will learn different tactics of memorization (repetition, rhythm work, written word) and have time to try them out individually and in pairs. Questions answered and material distributed for the following week.

Each student will be guided on finding themselves in the character and will be taught the basics of on-camera acting; speaking/listening to a scene partner, awareness of angles/eyeline, slating, entering and exiting a scene, what to wear to an audition. Perform 2 passes of each scene employing these lessons. Questions answered and material distributed for the following week.

Students will learn how to recover when they forget a line, what ‘telegraphing’ is, the importance of ‘type’, what to do when a character doesn’t feel like ‘you’, and how to deal with rejection. Perform 2 passes of each scene employing these lessons. Questions answered and material distributed for the following week.

Students will learn physical and vocal warm-up exercises to employ prior to performing difficult/emotional scenes. A handout will be given so this warm-up can be practiced at home. Perform 2 passes of each scene and observe the effects of the warm-up. Questions answered and material distributed for the following week.

What to do when a script suggests laughing, crying, yelling or intense physical action. Student will be given 15 minutes to warm-up and prepare for these scenes. Perform 2 passes of each scene employing these lessons. Questions answered and material distributed for the following week.

Students will learn the importance of taking direction and some common terminology actors can receive from a director/casting director. Student will be encouraged to ask questions if they don’t understand a direction.
Perform 2 passes of each scene, the second pass with a large re-direct. Questions answered and material distributed for the following week.

Students will be given a brief description of what’s required when arriving to an audition and how commercial auditions differ from film/tv auditions. We will talk about actor roles vs. principal, series regular and series lead. Each student will get one pass at a commercial scene, audition style. Each student will be given one pass at a film/tv scene, audition style. We will discuss the following week.

Parents are encouraged to attend the showcase. We will discuss industry standards for headshots and resumes, how to submit/land an agent, on set etiquette and protocols, Union Vs. Non-Union careers, casting websites. Demo reels demonstrating the students progression will be played for parents and industry guests. Students will be encouraged to provide positive feedback to their peers and discuss results of what they learned in class. Questions answered and farewell.

Milne Studio’s work with Texas teens

Nominated Best International Pilot BANFF 2012 World Media Festival. Born out of the 2010 San Antonio Film Academy Summer Film Acting Camp, produced by Milne Studio Texas.

Class scene work is videoed and delivered via Dropbox. Very useful for keeping track of your progress, helping update an existing agent or procure a new one. Enrollment at the Milne Studio requires that you understand and adhere to our Studio Policies. Please peruse our Policy Page, enrollment is your acceptance of all our policies. Please view to our Schedule Page for dates and times of classes.