Audition Classes for actors are the perfect way for novice, early stage and intermediate level actors to build professional, competent and competitive auditioning skills. Advanced actors will find his Level 2 class challenging.


Starting February
Sunday’s- Level I | 7:00 PM- 10:00 PM
Thursday’s- Level II | 1:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Maximum ten students per class. ENROLL ANYTIME. Ages 17+

Level 1 – Making Your Mark in the Audition Room

Week One – Introductory Assignment: mock audition first class. Understanding the audition process: covering everything from entering the room through to delivering a compelling audition. Booking 1-Liners.

Week Two – Script Analysis: The class will breakdown a 5 page script from a major TV-Series. Examining the arcs and beats in the scene and how to interpret the script in a way that will allow you to bring your personal best to the role.

Week Three – Camera Work: Eye lines and environment, character choices, your true feelings about whom you’re talking to, bringing all the elements together one by one, beat by beat with the week two script.

Week Four – The Audition: Part 1 – Instructor and a reader only in the room. New script given 2-3 days before class. Part 2 – Material review. Did you book?

Level 2 – Booking Principal thru Lead Roles

Week 1 – You get a principal role audition scene from a current major TV series 5 to 7 days before class. You’ll be expected to come fully prepared as if it were a real audition for a principal role. Entering the room, performing the audition and exiting the room. All the elements from the level 1 class are to be understood and incorporated. We will review everyone’s work in class together. 2nd passes if necessary with notes.

Week 2 – At the beginning of class you’ll get a very short scene (One liner) and a long scene (Guest Star/Leading Role). We’ll work together to break down the longer scene beat by beat. Exploring eye lines, character choices, creating environment and strong relationships, physical action and activity as well as framing. The class will close with the one liner audition where you will treat it like the real thing. We will review the tapes and discuss the work presented as it pertains to being cast.

Week 3 – You will audition the Guest Star ~ Leading Role scene worked on the previous week. You’re expected to be fully prepared and absolutely professional, utilizing all the techniques discussed in previous weeks to give the very best audition you can. Including entering and exiting the audition room. We will then review the work collectively and discuss what worked and what didn’t.

Week 4 – You’ll be given audition material 2 or 3 days in advance to simulate what it’s like in the real world. It will be a principal or guest star role on a major network TV show. You’re expected to break down the scene using your own instincts as well as the tools we learned together in class. You’re also expected to come fully prepared as if this were a real audition. We’ll scrutinize entering the room, use of the on camera techniques we learned together as well as a graceful and professional exit. We’ll then review the tapes and discuss what worked and what didn’t as it pertains to being cast.

COST: 4 Class Pack $260.00. 8 Class Pack $495.00. / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Payment: Interac eTransfer to, check or cash.

Class scene work is videoed and delivered via Dropbox. Very useful for keeping track of your progress, helping update an existing agent or procure a new one. Enrollment at the Milne Studio requires that you understand and adhere to our Studio Policies. Please peruse our Policy Page, enrollment is your acceptance of all our policies. Please view to our Schedule Page for dates and times of classes.